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Create your online profile for a convenient way to manage your FortisBC account(s). With Account Online you can:

  • start, stop or move your service
  • view your current bill and account information
  • manage your bill and payment options
  • update your contact information

To register, you will need a piece of identification such as your driver's licence and information from your most recent bill.

New customer? Account Online is for FortisBC customers. If you'd like to arrange service, please complete our online form.

I don’t know my user ID and/or password.
Online profiles are available to all existing FortisBC customers, but are not set up automatically with your account. If you have not set up an online profile, visit the Register page and follow the instructions.

If you have previously registered for an online profile, but forgotten your user ID/password, you can use an automated service that will allow you to recover/reset the lost information. To do so, visit Forgot your user ID? or Forgot your password?, then follow the instructions.

I’m not a FortisBC customer. Is signing up for Account Online the same as starting a new account with FortisBC?
No. Online profiles are only available for customers who have already signed up for service from FortisBC.

Sign up for service

Natural gas: sign up your home or business by calling 1-888-224-2710.
Electricity: sign up your home or business by calling 1-866-436-7847 or sign up online.

Is there an extra cost to sign up for an online profile?
No. Signing up for an online profile is free to all of our customers.

What is a user ID? Why is it different than my account number?
Your user ID is a unique identifier used for your online profile. Your user ID is determined when you first sign up for an online profile and can be changed through your profile settings.

By entering a user ID rather than relying solely on account numbers, our customers are able to link more than one account to their online profile.

Is my personal information secure?
Our website uses the most reliable hardware and software available to ensure your personal information remains secure. For more information on how your personal information is used by FortisBC, please see Section 4 of our Privacy Policy .

Is there a FortisBC mobile app?
You can access your FortisBC online profile directly through your mobile device’s web browser. The site automatically adjusts to deliver an optimized experience on all devices.

Most mobile devices allow you to save a website bookmark to the home screen for quick access to your online profile.

Where can I find my FortisBC account number?
Your FortisBC account number can be found near the top of the first page of your bill, and on the FortisBC remittance form located at the bottom of your FortisBC paper bill.

I’m having difficulty logging in/creating a new online profile. Who do I contact?
Please contact customer service: natural gas / electricity .